Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to Japan: Part 4

On the third day I decided to ventured into the city in search of an alarm clock with Kain (sp?). Later in the evening a group of JETs assigned to Aomori-ken (prefecture/state/county) went to the 52nd floor of a sexy building to feast on all you can eat Italian (well sort of) food and yes of course all you can drink all for just ¥2500. When you add up all of the drinks, it`s quite a savings. Japan offers quite an extensive array of `feminine & fruity` alcoholic beverages...a drinker`s paradise. Fortunately I have enough maturity to hold back and to refrain from donating all those curious liquids into the toilet.

To top off the night, we went to Big Echo for my 2nd romp of karaoke. I`ve realized that my specialty is deep voices like w/ the dude in Barbie Girl, or just ad-libbing with the music. Luckily the karaoke places are loaded with American music in English. I honestly found everything I wanted.

Well Orientation was fun, but it`s 6:30am on Wednesday which means breakfast before taking a domestic flight to Aomori-shi (shi=city).

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