Thursday, August 14, 2008

Englishanese: Round 1

Konnichiwa! Please join me with my blog series, "Englishanese," where we will explore the consequences of American & Japanese culture and language merging together to create FUN! !

Where the hell was my free DVD when I was rockin` the cereal scene?

Folks, he has something for ya...

Where 50 cent got his start. Got rice?

I wonder what those boxes are made of.


javii said...

that garden looks beautiful... but hey! i have a question... how are you gona teach them how to speak english without you knowing how to speak japanese? I mean, aren't there supposed to be like at least some base ground communication?

Anonymous said...

I want someone to have a song for me! I love Engrish or Englishanese, it's just so awesomely hilarious.

Jeancarlo said...

There's usually a translator teacher there. From friend experience, a lot of Japanese people know English.

The "box" thing topped it for me. lol