Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to Japan: Part 2

"Walkin` Around Tokyo"

For our first night, we Floridians went out exploring the Shinjuku region of Tokyo. Our stomachs were in need of authentic Japanese cuisine, so what better than McDonalds! Hai!

I`m quite proud of my large Double Cheeseburger meal.

Forget what you`ve heard about McDonals overseas (http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/sales/menu/menu.html), It`s pretty much the same stuff including kids` meals. It`s easy to order since all numbers are written in arabic, just like in the US, and usually tax is included in the price. Prices do differ slightly with an average combo meal running around ¥700 / $7. They even have a ¥100 / $1 menu that includes a surprisingly delicious McPork sandwich, a piece of chicken, and a selection of warm pastries (http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/mcbakery/). Though their large soda size is equivalent to our medium, so for your thirsty buggers you better double-up. The drink menu is fairly the same as it features Coke but apparently Fanta grape soda is BIG in JAPAN as it`s sold everywhere! Don`t expect to find root beer or lemon-lime soda though.

Dave rockin the Fanta Grape!

Throwing out your trash in Japan is complicated. There are rarely garbage cans outside and inside they scrupously break down the waste. For example you must dump your cup`s remnants into a funnel, then place the plastic parts in a separate bin, then the other trash is placed typically into the blue bags as that is the burnable trash.

But you better eat your food inside, as it`s considered rude to eat while walking in the city streets. Drinking is fine though as you can`t even count all of the beverage and cigarette vending machines that adorn the city sidewalks.

A typical cigarette vending machine.

Following our `exotic` eating excursion, we ventured into some shops on the neighboring streets. Vendors are quick to elicit shoppers with their high-pitched thunderous roars. One electronic store boasted a whopping 8 floors. The Japanese love to accessorize. One floor was devoted solely to cell-phone accessories including hundreds of little key-chain like things to hang from your phone.

We would have stayed out longer if it wasn`t for the dreaded JET-lag. So after 9pm, off to bed we went.

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That grape soda was delicious...