Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Humble Abode

So I`ve settled into my new apartment. It feels like a small middle-income apartment meets a traditional Japanese house. My height appears to be a problem though as I`ve knocked my head on the doorways atleast 596 times. Luckily it`s furnished and my predessessor Dominic was nice enough to leave behind many useful items. The most beautiful thing about the place though is the rent: ¥9020. It works out to be $90.20 per month. Talk about savings! Special thanks to Aomori-Ken for taking care of business!

A blueprint of the place.

It appears much bigger in this form. Consider though that all of the doorways, except for the toilet room, are Japanese-style sliding doors, and most of the floors are tatami:

It`s not the most comfortable place in the world but it will due. Once I add my tacky touch to the decor, I will be set. One aspect that I abhor though is the plumbing. Japanese plumbing is like a one-handed man on the monkey bars. It makes no sense. For instance, if I desire hot water in the shower, I must turn on a machine in the outside room, then click the mechanism adjacent to the tub in just the right fashion to heat the burner. Then within five minutes I`ll have warm water. The only catch is, you must shower quickly before the water becomes boiling hot. It just seems as though the apartment is a snake habitat with pipes and tubes running amuck.
Plumbing: America - 1, Japan - 0

The kitchen. Folks, it`s not a room, it`s a corner.

Notice anything missing?

a.) Oven b.) Microwave c.) Dishwasher d.) All of the Above

If you answered d.), you`re correct! Ovens are available, but they will rob your wallet of its precious money. The oil stove though is nice and works better than the electric ones I`m used to in Florida. The refrigerator is smaller than an average American fridge and bigger than a college dorm fridge. However, I`m happy since it will help to curb my habit of buying more food than I care to eat.

The dining room, AKA the kitchen and living room.

Another shot of the living/dining/kitchen/funpartywow room.

Yes there is a TV. It only receives about 5 stations, all of which are in Japanese except for random airings of newscasts in English and episodes of Full House. I still can`t believe Joey bought DJ a stolen car for her birthday. What a fool!


javii said...

lol cravak... glad to know you're already settled there. and yeah, your house does look bigger than you describe it on the little diagram. (btw, this is cristina lol)

Jeancarlo said...

I find it easier to believe that the Japanese who built your kitchen table expect four small kittens to eat at that table than human beings. Honestly, wtf.