Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Resting Room

Many have walked by it. They just weren’t aware. How could they not know? They had no clue. But there was something. Something behind the door. Maybe you too have walked past its spectacle. You wouldn’t have known the treasure just steps ahead.
You see, in my school…there is a place. A special place. A place where every living creature should relish in at least once in his, her, or its existence. This mecca of a place is a room. It is a room where you can relax. It is a room where you can rest. It is a room where you can catch some ZZZs. You can f***ing SLEEP WHILE ON THE CLOCK! Yes my friends, our old buddy Steve does not lie.
What do they call such a heavenly escape? They call it the ‘Resting Room.’ The Japanese realize that teachers work hard, so they installed a room where one can rest up in order to perform better on the job. Do I think American schools should have one? Hmmm….NOPE. Many American teachers don’t work hard enough to deserve it, plus given the USA’s ‘it’s your fault’ and ‘responsibility what?’ mentalities, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. One day America, one day. I hope it comes soon!
I`m amazed at how adding a little ‘ing’ to a room can spice up a place. I haven’t taken advantage of it yet, but friends, it’s going to happen. And when it does, I’ll let you know…after my precious nap of course. Paid to sleep. I’m sorry; I just can’t stop this post. I’m just so freakin’ amazed. YES!

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