Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome to Japan: Part 1

JET Orientation
August 4th-6th
Keio Plaza Hotel
Shinjuku (Tokyo)

The JET Programme Tokyo Orientation means three days of fun. While there are over 15 pounds of materials to carry and a strict schedule of seminars and workshops, it`s setup similarly to the Student Government Association conventions I`m used to attending. Although here the roles are reversed as I`m the `student.

Many of Japan`s highest ranking education officials spoke to us. I LOVE at how casual and funny they were. Certainly, the Japanese have enough pride and respect to feel comfortable unlike the uptight nature of Americans. For example, the officials cracked jokes about drinking heavily, and getting physical with students.

Aomori-shi is home to a famous parade/festival called Aomori-Nebuta. At Keio plaza they prominently display a promotion for the festival and of course I made it more appealing by standing in front of it. What a silly gaijin (foreigner)!

View from my room on the 17th floor. I shared the room with Mark a fellow Floridian assigned to Hokkaido (the northern-most Japanese island).

My first ever `bidet` experience. As soon as I pushed the button I honestly felt violated. Probably because I pressed the button for ladies with lady-like parts and not the button to surge water towards your bottom.

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velvet elvis said...

i can say that having never used a bidet, that is exactly how i would feel... violated. but after you get used to it, i bet you feel pretty clean.