Friday, September 5, 2008

Talk to Me

Konnichiwa! It has come to my attention that many people have been gracing this blog. Domo arigato gozaimasu (Thank you very much!). I truly only thought the audience consisted of a few mortal souls. So please feel free (hint) to post comments. No registration is required and you can even comment anonymously. Special thanks to everyone that has already done so. It`s not so much feeding the ego, as you don`t have to compliment me, I just like to know what people think, and be assured that my hours of wasting time at work have made people laugh, smile, or think.

I have hundreds of photos and several stories yet to tell. So at this time I would like to ask for requests. If there`s anything you wish to know or perhaps see a picture of, please request away!

Mr. Wong, we all know you want pictures of Puroreso (Professional Wrestling). Unfortunately, I haven`t found any local matches yet, but I have posted a photo of a poster promoting a past event. Hope that feeds the hunger for now, and if it doesn`t...loosen up kid! :)

There ya go.


Lydia said...

hey, you probably don't remember me, but i met you at duke and laura's going away party. laura sent me the address for your blog so i have been reading it faithfully. your stories are incredible. at first i thought it was the way you told them, but def not. it's the story :-) just teasing. you asked for requests... but due to my creativity already having met its quota for the day, this is the best i could come up with. i'm sure that you are learning lots of new things over there, but what is the most important lesson you have learned so far?

craveVSworld said...

Of course I remember you. Memory is my strength and you are not easily forgettable. You sat to my left at the party, politing giggling under the shade of the umbrella throughout the unusual banter and discourse of the afternoon.

I have had many adventures yet to tell, but I`m still hoping for some epic stories that won`t prompt me to viciously beat my head for hours as I squander for days searching for just the right word.

But... to respond to your `request.` I have learned to appreciate the benefits of an all for one mentality, and actually begin to look more closely at communism as an effective means of government. The Japanese are individuals, but society as a whole comes first and you must play by the team mentality. It`s a give and take, and usually it rounds out!


Anonymous said...

The Great Sasuke! Nuff said. Thanks for the shout out post bud!