Friday, September 5, 2008

All About the Yenjamins

A $100 bill is a stellar piece of tender for your wallet. On the contrary, a 100 yen is merely a small silver coin. It’s equivalent to about one US dollar. And while Japan is generally more expensive, they conveniently have dollar stores, or 100 Yen Shops. But unlike the dollar store, you don’t feel the need to take a shower after walking into one. Hyaku en shops are quite nice. In bigger cities like Tokyo they sport up to six floors of frugal consumer bliss. While the items may be of a cheaper grade, they are useful and plentiful. Anyone in the JET program will tell you that they are a lifesaver.
For example, I needed some basic essentials and on August 26th, 2008 at approximately 6:42pm I was able to pickup the following all for just 3000 ($30).

· Chocolate Chip Cookies
· Blueberry Wafers
· Yakisoba Sauce
· Oregano
· Sugar
· Dish Rack
· 2 Binders
· Dish Soap
· Facemasks
· Placemat
· 4 coasters
· Hammer
· Nails
· Garbage Bags
· Blank CDs
· 4 Glasses
· Ashtray (for my cigars)
· Seasoning Container/Dispenser
· 2 Gel Pens

1 comment:

Jeancarlo said...

Out of all these things the only thing that stood out was... "Oregano"


Yeah, I could go for some dollar "Oregano" right now.