Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Englishanese: Round 7

This round of Englishanese is dedicated to the adorable side of Japan. Enjoy!


"Hey Kids! We`re lame ass mascots performing for you at the mall! Wait a minute, is that a gaijin (foreigner)?"

So yeah these buttholes decide to stop the show and get everyone to wave at me. Not cool! But...I smiled anyway :).


Mr. Box

I`m assuming he`s a mascot for the post office. The Nihonjin (Japanese) love their mascots!


`Bike Ride Panda`

This bada$$ panda rides her bike with baby in tow everday in front of a local bike shop.


`Cravak San Jr.`

It was a very nice gesture for Japan to conjure up this effigy as an ode to my greatness and love of sweets!

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