Friday, September 5, 2008

The Power of Coffee

Ohayo gozaimasu! (Good morning)
Unfortunately, our coffee machine has been `out of commission` for two weeks. You should have seen the desolate faces as the teachers approached the machine each morning only to find an `out of an order` sign. Well today, holy $hit, what a difference kohii (coffee) makes. The second our `coffee coordinator lady` quietly announced how the machine had been fixed, the teachers came out of the wood work. I`ve never seen such a parade of smiles. They crowded the poor lady to the point of suffocation in anticipation of their much needed coffee. Thankfully, I have 8 years until I will enter that addiction, since I won`t start drinking coffee until the age of 35. It`s one of my personal life goals.

Okay, so I thought I was done with this post. But apparently not. It won`t stop. She just poured the beans into the machine, so a few other teachers had to rush over to watch. THEY ARE STANDING THERE WATCHING HER POUR THE BEANS LIKE SHE`S TAKING HER CLOTHES OFF! This one man`s jaw literally fell through the floor.

Oh no! They`ve started to drink it. I need to exit the building before they start overdosing on this stuff.

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