Thursday, September 18, 2008

Englishanese: Round 8

This round is dedicated to the consequences of the Japanese taking their love of certain foods and flavors to places where they don`t belong. Enjoy!

Green Tea Donut

The Nihonjin find green tea to be cho umai (super delicious) therefore they have no qualms with enjoying this funky flavor with anything they put in their mouth. Take for instance this midori (green) tea glazed donut from Japan`s reigning donut vendor Mister Donut.

Verdict: Uber gross!


Blueberry Kit-Kats
As stated in a previous blog, the Nihonjin love their kit-kats/choco-wafers. They also love exotic fruits, so it`s not surprising to find blue-berry flavored choco-wafers on the shelf. What`s shocking though is the lukewarm taste.

Verdict: Yucky!


Ice Cream Soda

Japan has a passion for ice cream...apparently it`s so deep that they needed a carbonated beverage version. I honestly only purchased this peculiar bottle for the photo-op and I still don`t have the kintama (Japanese slang for testicles) to try it.

Verdict: TBD once a high level of intestinal fortitude is obtained


Corn Infested Pizza
Corn is rightfully popular in Japan, as corn-on-the-cob is truly a `party in your mouth.`So why not sprinkle a little on your pizza? Hell, why not sprinkle a whole $hitload on your pizza? Yeah, now we`re talking! When it comes to toppings though, you can`t top (small pun) Japanese pizza. Actually the corn was the most normal item and it helped distract me from figuring out what else was on the pie. But...what do you expect when you`re ordering from a pizza place called Strawberry Cones.

Verdict: Yummy in my tummy!


Allan Lopez said...

If you ever come back to visit bring some kintama with you. I seem to have misplaced mines somewhere.

Mike said...

that looks god awful....and wow i am really behind on your blog...sorry kid...i am getting up to date

Jeancarlo said...

You know 'kintama' was actually one of the first words I learned in Japanese. I'll never forget that day...