Monday, March 22, 2010

Caramel Caravan: Group 6

Butter Caramel
* / Butter Me Boring
While the color of sawdust, this butter caramel is as hard as wood. Unlike the other butter caramel, this one has a melted aroma too it, but almost tastes as if it's burnt. Nonetheless, this is nothing more than buttery boredom.


White Pudding Caramel
*** / Vanilla Me Silly
With the appropriate color, this white pudding caramel instantly delivers a vanilla pudding sensation. Though after a few chews, the vanilla overwhelms the pudding, and you're left with a milk-heavy vanilla flavor similar to the Hakodate milk caramel. Though, overall, this is an enjoyable candy for all ages.


Cocoa Caramel
** / The Pretender
Looks like chocolate, but tastes like plastic. This fake chocolate flavor may dazzle a few, but in a league with fascinating caramel varieties, this one gets left behind.

Winter Caramel
* / Ice Hard
Not entirely certain what flavor this caramel is supposed to be. According to a friend, the kanji used means winter. Though tastewise, this is nothing but standard-fare delivering the typical milk flavor. Sadly, it's within a hard shell branding this caramel with 1 star.

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