Monday, April 25, 2011

Evaluation Station: Reviews Are In Part 3

Following the 10th graders, my 11th graders have given me their two yen. Below is another assortment of juicy and odd nuggets from the evaluation forms. 

Laugh at them, use them to guide your own teaching of ESL students, or do both, the choice is yours. Grammatical and spelling errors were kept in tact to prove the authenticity of the responses.

Enjoy the ego trip!

"Smells good / Nice Guy / You are our English hero!"

"You said that you like Peanut Butter. Don't eat too much it. Please suggest your health."

"I remember being saying "Bless you" when I くしゃみ (sneezed). I didn't say "Thank you" to you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you very much."

"I like doing work with near classmates. Because I like talking and doing."

"Journals are a little hard for me, but it's useful to develop writing ability. So I'll work hard to go on."

"I like your lessons and your hairstyle!!"

"Your voice is occasionally so loud. It always causes me headache. I hope you control your feelings a little."

"I want t go to America!! I want to eat ice cream there."

"I think your English is good to hear."

"I studied a lot of things about English from you. For example, proverbs, comic strips, events in foreign country and so on. (I don't like "Journals")"

"Your funny talk is impressive. The class is good vibration."

"Sorry, I hate Peanut Butter, but I love mayonnaise."

"Your talk is very fun."

"Your story is amusing to me every time."

"Are the peanut butter in America better than Japan's one?"

"I was amused your shout and tension."

"Your transfer makes me sad."

"We occasionally met at not school. Then, I felt happy a little. Talking with you was very exciting."

"Probably you are great teacher. However, I am not too smart to understand your English. I regret to not enjoy too much."

"The red glasses very suits you."

"After you go back to your hometown. You do your best!"

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