Monday, April 18, 2011

Evaluation Station: Reviews Are In Part 2

Following the 10th graders, my 11th graders have given me their two yen. Below is another assortment of juicy and odd nuggets from the evaluation forms. 

Laugh at them, use them to guide your own teaching of ESL students, or do both, the choice is yours. Grammatical and spelling errors were kept in tact to prove the authenticity of the responses.

Enjoy the ego trip!

"You are a gentleman! I like you."

"I can understand a little word you speaks to us because I am an inexperienced person. But I receive your passion."

"You are cool and I like your clothes!"

"I often met you in the library. You are always gentle. I was happy."

"Your voice is very big. I was surprised at your voice when I joined the first team teaching. I love your voice because I can wake up clearly."

"You are handsome man and funny man, so I like you."

"Halloween in team teaching is my best class. I could learn an American culture and American monsters. I like a wearwolf because it is very cool, I want to take part in the Halloween party and become a cool wearwolf in America."

"You always wore a nice tie. I like your sense of fashion."

"I am not good at English, But Mr. Cravak's class was able to participate by very pleasently and enjoying it."

"I have three wishes. I want your great voice. I want your red glasses. At last, I want your strong body."

"I didn't like English much. But I could enjoy your class Because I like to think story and write some English."

"I wish you to marry a beatiful woman."

"You are a great teacher! But please lower your voice's volume. When you shouted, I was surprised."

"Your voice is too big. So I could unsleep."

"I think a cool you."

"I don't like your class because I'm not good at English. But I wanted to talk with you more."

"It's good that you teach alone."

"I like you very much because your talks are easy to understand and interesting!!"

"I like your class and I like your tie!! My favorite tie is smile's one. It's very suits you."

"I want to work at International airport in the future. So I must study English more. Your class gave me more natural English."

"I enjoyed thinking an original story in English."

"I liked to know about many kind of words which we don't learn in the English class."

"I like you very much. I'm sad to find that you will go back to the USA."

"English is not a language but also a way to communicate with foreign people. I learn English from you."

"Your jokes made me laugh. The better I understand English, the more interesting this class become."

"I like to make stories, it's dood for me to learn grammers and how to tell stories in English. So, I think Journals is also good, but I wanted to check more."

"I like your class since I was first grade in high school. I learned about foreign country's culture and songs through your class."

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Jephso said...

"I have three wishes. I want your great voice. I want your red glasses. At last, I want your strong body."


Next time you should add some comments/captions for each one.