Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sakura Matsuri

Hirosaki City Park
Cherry Blossom Festival

Hirosaki Park is one giant collection of rolling grasses and features an original 17th century castle. Free to the public (castle grounds: 300 yen), it's a splendid place for a quaint stroll, or for carrying your dog (oddly the Japanese prefer to carry them as opposed to walking). The park is especially scenic during Cherry Blossom season as its 2,600 sakura trees put on their Sunday's best. While I may be in disbelief over the 'majesty' of these blossoms, it truly was a visual treat.

Pretty in the Park

Hanami Time!
Blue tarps are for sitting, snacking, and evening hangovers.

Feast the Beauty

Adorning the Castle
Cherry Blossoms make the perfect castle jewelry.

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