Saturday, April 25, 2009

El Carnival

The Carnival
Gotta love it!

Though the elegance of Hirosaki's Park's sakura trees delighted the senses, the secret weapon was the carnival. Yes folks, that's right, for the very first time I entered Japan's version of this familiar realm. I was honestly stunned at the plethora of food vendors, games, and circus-style attractions. More importantly, I give it up to the Japanese for romping around in the chilly 50 degree weather. I traversed the artificial alleyways several times and snacked on a strawberry-chocolate covered banana and deliciously skewered karaage (fried chicken).

International Maze of Mystery

A Haunted House
(of sorts)

Taste the Rainbow
...of chocolate covered bananas.
These dudes don't look like the type to peel and dip bananas.

Stick It
Easy to devour edibles. The fish in the center is actually quite divine.


lindsey said...

Is that herring? Is it seasoned?

Wendy said...

oh! the fish in the middle are my favorite! as well as the chocolate-covered bananas. how i do love to put my mouth around one of those!