Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The M.P. Returns

It's Saturday night. Following a festive all-you-can-drink Karaoke session, a contigent of friends have gathered for a post-op meeting. While conversing on the sidewalk, a taxi slows itself to a stop. A circus of hip Japanese college kids emerge. One girl in particular, goes behind the taxi and squats. Perhaps she was tired? But after she scurries off to the bar, something comes into view; a liquid donation in the form of a puddle. Wow!

Back in Florida my buddy Neal had an encounter with the Midnight Pisser: a yet to be identified humanoid who gloriously urinated next to his patio. We always knew the MP would resurface, but in Japan of all places? I can't believe it, but damn did it get me hot!

Though I'll tell you this, that's the last time I eat food off of the ground.

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