Thursday, February 19, 2009

Desk Friends

When you're 8,821 kilometers (5,481 miles) away from home, it's easy to feel lonely. Especially when everyone you work with speaks a language you can't quite comprehend.
Enter the solution: The Desk Friends!

One of my role models in high school was Mr. 'Marv' Matteson. I relished the assortment of playthings adorning his desk. So naturally, when I inherited an office during my teaching tenure in Florida, I had no choice but to innocently decorate the place. Hulk Hogan, Wolverine, elephants, giant pandas and clown hats flooded the room. These 'toys' certainly made me feel comfortable.

Though, being limited to two suitcases, I was sadly unable to bring my childhood to Japan. But not to worry folks, as I have been recently acquiring an assortment of goodies to make the workplace feel like home. While there are currently only three 'desk friends,' plans are in motion to upgrade the ensemble.

The Desk
For 7 1/2 hours a day I sit here stalking you on Facebook.

Ochiai Jr.
Named in honor of my supervisor, this brave soldier is always ready to 'throw down' to protect General Crave's computer. I felt it was important to assert my war-mongering American attitude to my peace loving co-workers. Though, to ease the tension I placed an orange flower atop his gun.

I picked up this 'Star War's' Salacious Crumb bean bag toy for a mere 105 yen ($1) at Hard Off. Recently he has inspired the character of 'Kazikame' for my upcoming childrens' fantasy book 'GOULD.'

Mr. Numa
Given my recent studies of mythological creatures, I am drowning in love for the 'Kappa.' Japan's resident demonic water sprite lurks by the 'numa,' an eerie pond, thus the name for this kawaii (cute) little critter. He's a happy addition to my Kappa halloween costume, and if anyone spies mythological creature paraphernalia, please pick it up for me and I'll gladly reimburse your efforts. Thanks in advance!


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