Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snack Man Cometh

Omiyage (little gift / souvenir) is a must for your co-workers, neighbors, family and friends when returning from a vacation. Though sometimes a random gesture can go a long way into building a positive relationship. And when it comes to receiving, the Japanese prefer nothing more than a tasty snack.

Over the course of the past few weeks the 3-nensei (12th grade) students have been busy applying to their dream college. Part of their application includes English essays, and this is where I come in. One of the 3-nensei English teachers has been 'dropping by' to unload these essays for me to peruse/check/devour/edit/spit-on/revise. Though I must say, I'm happy to read them and guide the students towards not only comprehensive writing but also enjoyable writing. But this extraordinarily kind man must feel that grading these essays is a terrible burden. For each time he arrives, I am bestowed upon with a flurry of snacks. While I don't need such a tasty reward, I must admit, this guy knows snack food! I've enjoyed every morsel he’s delivered. Probably because none of them contained that strange red bean paste. I sure do hope those kids keep writing.

Tasty Critter
I have no clue what this was, but tasty it was.

Best Description Ever
My first 'capcake.' Certainly won't be the last.

At first I read this as 'Douche,' and made my way to the ladies room.



Lindsay said...

Well, don't leave us hanging! Did they really use enough butter in that capcake or what?!

Clark said...

LOL when i read it I also taught it said "Douches"