Friday, January 7, 2011

Fat America: McDonald's Cooks Up Another Round of USA Burgers

They're back! Say hello to the newest batch of juicy quater pound stereotypes!
 Once again, America has invaded Japan. On January 7th, McDonald's rolled out its second wave of 'Big America' themed burgers. Those of you looking to fast track towards cardiac arrest while posing as a stereotypical American can look forward to four customized quarter pound beef patty sandwiches. The Texas2 is the first to debut with Idaho stampeding in late January, Miami swaying over in mid-February, and the Manhatten beeping its way through traffic in mid-March. Keep reading for individual reviews and in the meantime if you're fluent in Japanese head over to the McDonald's Japan official site. To recap the first round of 'Big America' please allow Steve Levenstein to cordially run down 2010's hearty burgers, or read the article in 日本語 (Japanese).


Katherine Lee said...

where did you take this pic? Probably Jusco? :D

craveVSworld said...

Good job
+50 points