Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Edible Hand Warmers

With average temperatures hovering in the mid-20s (Weather.com), winter in 青森/Aomori is brutal. Luckily one Sunday afternoon I was able to escape the cold by boarding a heated bus. While my body recovered, my hands were so red and numb you'd think I had just administered a TSA pattdown on a snowman. Then to my surprise, a gift was bestowed. Two balls were quickly placed in the palms of my hands. Numbness subsided; warmth restored.

Metallic Spheres of Wondrous Warmth
Each ball had an aluminum foil wrapping and retained a family-sized helping of heat. But what lurked within the shiny silver skin of these heroic hand warmers?

the answer: sweet potato

When the need for heat expires, you aren't stuck with a blob of foil, you're rewarded with a savory morsel of orange-colored food! While in America many grow accustomed to greasy sweet potato fries and baked incarnations attacked by butter, on a winter's day a plain and simple sweet potato is a welcome festival in your mouth!

If you happen to be traveling in 青森市/Aomori City, be sure to make a stop at the green colored stand in front of the 青森駅/train station and for¥200 ($2.41) treat yourself to an edible hand warmer.

PS: Special thanks to Jaewon Yoo for introducing me to this warm and tasty concept!

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