Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smack That Ass

Make no mistake about it, chalk loves me. In fact, it never leaves me alone. I`ll often walk away from a lesson looking like gay rights activists got ahold of me and sketched rainbows all over my suit.

Today was no different, but somehow the chalk decided to steal a base taking our relationship to the next level. For apparently, there was plenty of pastel dust on my backside. Though, I didn`t realize this until a stranger came knocking.

I was standing in the center of the room speaking while I shuffled through power point slides, when a hand gently descended down my butt.

I can't lie, it's a flattering moment when someone touches your ass. But this was an unwelcome touch, while 39 others watched. Looking behind me I noticed the good sumaritan, a male student. I paused for a second to see if it was a joke. Alas, there were no chuckles. It was extremely nice of him to sacrifice his smooth skin to adopt the chalk from my ass. I still felt uncomfortable though. But I thanked him and carried on with the presentation. But he continued. Apparently, this cat didn't join the union, as he doesn't stop until the job is done.

Looking back though I relish the experience. It's about time we as a people can comfortably wipe foreign particles off each other's vulnerable areas. I guess in a society (Japan) that shuns all things homosexual, it makes it easier for those of the same sex to platonicly 'reach out and touch someone,' without the fear of being wrongly labeled.

Often I walk into classrooms and see boys sitting on one another's lap. They weren't telling each other what they wanted for Christmas. But it wasn't exactly a soap opera scene either. They were just being platonicly friendly. Think of it as Samwise and Frodo on their epic journey to rid the world of that one overpriced ring. Why not? Two guys can be best of or even casual friends without playing with their 'swords' together. While those hobbits did take out their swords, they only did it to penetrate their enemies, not eachother.

Bottomline: It felt weird, but I`d do it all over again.


Ronald said...

Wow well umm Japan is different lol. We all know how that would end in hallandale. Oh did you hear about the girl that got shot and killed inside of Dillard High 1st school shooting in Broward.

Jeancarlo said...

This actually reminds me of something funny. I forget what the blog name was or what the name of the guy who wrote it was. But he was a black guy in a petty ghetto neighborhood of Japan. I don't remember where either. So much happened in the course of that guys life that has scarred him, and made so many laugh. XD

When I find him, you will read it...

Mike said...

your writing has really evolved - good stuff my friend, i now have to catch up on your blog...hopefully will find some time today after lunch.

Jimmy Wong said...

You need to look into Japanese comedian/wrestler that goes by the name of Razor Ramon Hard Gay aka Hard Gay, aka HG. Do a search on YouTube and then tell me what you think of Japanese society of homosexuality. =P

Anonymous said...

omg! thats hilarious!! wow..what a social/cultural difference. pshhh definitely wouldn't have happened here. we should all move to japan. lol

Britany B.