Monday, February 14, 2011

Evaluation Station: Reviews Are In Part 1

The first grade students at my high school have put in their two cents regarding my teaching style. Below are some juicy nuggets from their evaluation forms. Laugh at them, use them to guide your own teaching of ESL students, or do both, the choice is yours. Grammatical errors were kept in tact to prove the authenticity of the responses.

"I was surprised at your big voice."

"I learned that it is important not to be shy."

"Please do your best at Canada!"

"Journals were hard for me but they were very useful study."

"I love you. I want you. I need you."

"I think you are a good teacher. Because you are always kind to us and always fine."

"You have a great and big voice!! It is like an alarm clock!"

"I want you to speak more quietly."

"I don't like homework, but I owe what I am to it."

"I understand your mind."

"And I love peanut butter like you. I often eat it with bread for breakfast. It is very dericious."

"I like peanut butter too."

"I love Peanut Butter forever."

"Journal is little hard, but it will be my power."

"Please have self-confidence!"

"It was also fun for me to listen unique phrases in English."

"Your class, team teaching, is difficult. However I sometimes couldn't hearing your English, I can enjoy it. Why? Because you express not only speaking English but also sing and face."

"I get a lot of things from you. But, I am fool boy."

"I learned that there are many ways to express words."

"I like Japanese proverbs, so it's very interesting to study English proverbs."

"Your presentations excited me."

"I love you. You are loved by a lot of students. You are very handsam. You are very cool. I hope you will be happy in the USA. You will be loved in USA. I'll never forget you. I love you."

"By the way, do you have facebook or twitter account?"


Hannah said...

CRAVAK THAT JUST MADE MY DAY.........DEAAAAAAAAADLY POST!!!!(yes the caps lock was intentional)

Zenichi said...

"team teaching, is difficult"
wisdom from the mouth of babes
awesome post!