Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time to Shine

The Mid Year Seminar is a collaborative conference between Aomori-Ken assistant language teachers and their corresponding Japanese Teachers of English. Guest speakers, workshops, snack food, and bored doodling comprises most of the festivities. Though, on Friday, November 21st, yours truly had time to shine.

Each year, one ALT must showcase their teaching in a class demonstration. Rather than chose a 2nd or 3rd year high school ALT, I was involuntarily given the nod. This equates to over 60 educators watching me teach a 50-minute lesson to one of the 1-nensei (first year/10th grade) classes. But, instead of projecting negativity at the ensuing pressure I used the platform as an opportunity. One to showcase all things Crave!

Cravak Sensei
Reviewing the word wall results.


Group Work

Students attempt not to fall asleep while engaging in a travel-themed conversation game.


Making the Rounds

Pretending to add to their discussion, I place myself on display.


Big Brother

Students are under the watchful gaze of half-interested observers.


Post Discussion

Eventually I had to shutup to allow others to speak.

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