Monday, December 8, 2008

Money Well Spent

I'm not going to lie, I certainly do a kick job as an Assistant Language Teacher for the JET Program. But sometimes I just can't help but feel we are overpaid. Please see below for an example of how I spend my time at the office:

I discovered that the chalkboard magnets were strong enough to double as nifty earrings. I then spent the remainder of the day modeling them. Puzzled looks surfaced.


Anonymous said...

Yea,we are overpaid to just doodle around. Almost makes me feel guilty.
Your friend in Itayanagi:Christine :)

Jeancarlo said...

I remember having friends who had magnet earrings as a kid. I also remember them going def. No, just kidding. But they were numb for days. Though that's got nothing to do with their ears if you know what I mean ;D

Elmer said...

Apparently, you do even less work at work than I do.